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This set contains all we need to create our very own cool and funky friendship bracelets. The sort of bracelets that you pay the pounds for in shops and stores.

The image on the box does make it look complicated but it’s actually a very simple device. No batteries needed and just the top but to attach on.

This is the main work station which is made from the usual tough plastic stuff. This comes with lots of tiny rolls of coloured threads.

Some labels, A measured,clips, pattern sheets and full instructions. Choose one of the many patterns, select the correct coloured threads and attach them to the relevant spools on the work station. Then hook the threads onto the adjustable arm and turn the wheel.

The first one here turned out to be a bit of a disaster and we worked out that we probably hadn’t tightened the threads enough. The threads weren’t wasted tho because they are easy enough to wrap back onto to the empty reels.

So we tried again and our second attempt was much better!

The most difficult bit we found wars when removing the finished bracelet and attaching the clips and clasp. The tiny blue fastener clips which keep the bracelet from coming loose are really difficult to get on the whole bracelet ends. Once on the fasteners then need to go on both ends too. Cutting the threads can also be difficult as we found the ends kept fraying and needed more trimming off.

This kit costs about Β£29.99 and the contents allow up to ten individual bracelets to be made.

And this is one of our finished friendship bracelets. They can even be made to fit as a measuring tape comes included too.

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