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So! Last week I got a mystery box from The mystery gift box. It’s not a subscription as such like many I’ve done before, but more a box containing some very lovely gifts which can be purchased over and over again. The contents of course will differ every time.

The large box arrived full of pink worm packaging and all of these lovely gifts. The gift wrapping bit here is an optional add on but I’d say it’s worth having as it adds to the whole surprise and mystery of the box. It actually felt like Christmas had come early opening all of this.

The box purchased have lots of options starting with the type of box theme you want. The box i have is the box for her, but they also have boxes for him, for birthdays, mums, tech, gender neutral and a few others to choose from. The next decision is deciding on the value of the contents. This starts at Β£20 and goes right up to Β£100. The contents of my box are the Β£40 option. Other add ons then include the Β£5 gift wrapping and personalised labels.

I know you’re all no doubt dying with anticipation to see what was unwrapped so I won’t keep you waiting any longer now.

Novelty ice cream socks which are so comfy and a perfect fit.

A manicure pen, a must for any make up kit!

These are a little unusual. Novelty bag clips for food/kitchen bags.

A very pretty tinket dish, I do love the flamingos.

I actually squealed with delight when I opened this one. I love my pamper products and these are a lovely collection of bath melts.

I could not believe my little eyes when I opened this. I’ve actually been wanting one of these for ages. It’s a decorative glass bottle with lights. It’s so pretty!

Ooosh! I sort of expected to unwrap some sort of confectionery but I certainly wasn’t expecting anything as lovely as this. It even comes in a takeaway pizza box and it’s just delicious!

I had seven lovely items in my Β£40 box and have to say that I was really happy with it. Obviously the contents are a surprise until they arrive but I do think it’s certainly worth the cost.

The box contents vary each time and there are over 250 different product lines with over 2500 items that could get put in each box. Judging by my contents alone, I don’t think anyone can be disappointed with these boxes. However if a customer is not happy then they can simply return for a full refund.

I do intend to purchase more mystery boxes in the future. It would be good to try a few different themes. It’s probably not something I can afford every month but maybe a few per year is more practical. I think they would be good to buy in the months leading up to Christmas as it can mean a few presents get sorted this way.

Visit The mystery gift box for more info.

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