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Nimble products from Nimble babies are household cleaning and laundry products designed for households with babies and children. They also really help if anyone in the house has allergies or dry skin problems because of course, they contain no nasties.

This is Izebella helpfully cleaning some bedroom surfaces with the Nimble Sticky Stopper. As its name implies, it helps to get rid of those awful sticky surfaces and sticky spots around the home and acts as a general household cleaner.

These products are all made using plant based ingredients as opposed to harsh chemicals that are found in regular cleaning products. Making them much safer and kinder to little people.

We also have a laundry product too called Nimble laundry lover. Again this is made using mostly natural ingredients. I’m always really skeptical when it comes to natural washing liquids as I have found many previous ones I’ve tried simply don’t work well at all.

With other similar marked laundry products I find the clothes still stained or there is no fragrance meaning the clothes come out with a really strange odour.

I’m pleased to say that the Nimble laundry lover exceeded my expectations and it did remove the majority of heavy stains. It also comes with a light fragrance which is really lovely and so makes the clothes smell good too.

There are a few other Nimble products too, all of which can be viewed on the website. These products can also be purchased in Tesco and are similar prices to the regular detergents.

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