What’s in the Degustabox??? Monthly reveal

June bought us sunshine, heat, a birthday, Father’s Day, football and a new Degustabox full of lovely and refreshing Summer treats.

With the unusual scorching weather I was very much in need of some refreshing beverages and luckily I found a few hiding in my June box.

If you’re an 80s/90s kid then you may well remember sipping a bottle of refreshing Orangina. Well it seems the orange stuff is back in the same old traditional glass bottles and even has the same memorable taste too. I never understand why we are told to shake this stuff, its fizzy after all.

Now this is a new one for me. There seem to be lots of similar drinks to this appearing recently. It’s one of those healthy water drinks infused with hints of berries. It’s costs £1.29 a bottle tho and it’s called No & More. Its very refreshing.

Fyre – Whoever thinks this stuff up? I’m baffled! Refreshing drinks infused with spice such as ginger or chillis??? In my opinion these are a big no no.

Nothing at all to do with actual pigs but it is by the company Rosie’s pig and its cider which I don’t drink myself so it’s been given to the mother.

We all love a nice sweet treat when the sun is out, especially so for those hooked on watching the football. The first item out of the box for me was that Mighty fine salted caramel honeycomb bar. These cost a pound each and my only complaint here is that there was only one of them (hence no sharing) and omg this was absolutely delicious.

Everyone has heard of Jellybeans right? And The jelly bean factory? I didn’t get to try many of these as my kids spotted them and in a flash they wet gone. 36 flavours to tempt the tastebuds in the fair trade box here.

The other small packet contained a biscotti bar from the Great British Biscotti co. This is another one that I longed for more of once I had eaten it all to myself. Belgian white chocolate combined with pistachios and cranberries with a crumbly biscotti! Who wouldn’t want more!

BBQ flavour cracker/crisp combo snacks. Several packets in one multi pack. Healthier than crisps (I think) and good for lunches.

So the sausages did not come in the Degustabox but the bread rolls, called pain au lait from Brioche Pasquier did. These rolls are really soft and tasty and go with pretty much every type of filing.

Some healthier Frylight cooking oil. The spray type made with avocado rather than the usual olives.

Idahoan packet Gratin. Unfortunately I don’t like cheese in any shape or form so this has been passed on to someone who will enjoy it more.

Capsicana cook sauce – These are the Degustabox product of the month and give an easier way to cook more authentic and international cuisines at home.

And if you love the look of this box and my previous Degustabox reveals; then you don’t need to travel far to get one. In fact you don’t even need to leave the home and the box will come to the home! Degustabox usually costs £13.99 a month, but you can get one for just £7.99 over at Degustabox UK. Well worth it considering postage costs come fully included with the price.

I wonder what Julys box will bring me??? Stay tuned!

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