Keep mould away with an extractor fan

Mould is a very common problem in UK homes. When I first moved into my present home, I gradually started to notice specks of mould on my bedroom ceiling and bathroom. I tried several sprays and cleaners which seemed to make the problem worse. Eventually I called out the professionals who got rid of it. I was told the mould problem was caused by lack of air and this is the most common reason for mould problems.

Mould moves through the air as miniature spores heading for damp, wet areas of the home such as bathrooms, basements and attics. Mould grows on organic materials, such as wood or leather. Excess moisture inside the home evaporates into the air and increases the levels of humidity indoors. A poorly ventilated home means the humid air has nowhere to go. It will linger within in the home and end up as condensation on windows, walls, ceilings etc. Over time, prolonged condensation causes mould in various places around the home.needs to thrive is oxygen and moisture.

Mould is not just unsightly. It can have an effect on health. Mould is a known allergen and irritant that can cause respiratory problems.

If mould appears in the home then it’s besr to have it professionally removed so that it does not come back and also so that the source of the mould can be identified. It’s important to ventilate the home. This can be done by keeping windows open, even in the winter. Windows only need to be open slightly to allow air in. Another way to adequately ventilate the home would be to install a bathroom extractor fan. sell many of these to suit most budgets.

They come in several discreet styles to match bathroom decor. The bathroom is the place where most moisture and damp can occur and this can quickly spread to other areas of the home. A bathroom extractor fan helps to absorb the moisture in the air.

Bathroom extractor fans are electrically-run appliances that help ventilation. They use a fan to draw out humid air through a duct which eventually travels to the outside of the house. It then attempts to bring in fresh air through a separate channel.

All models have different specifications and the prices reflect the better features such as manual or automatic operation and noise levels. I have an automatic fan in my bathroom which comes on as it senses humidity. Luckily it’s also very low noise too.

The majority of extractor fans will need installing into a wall and professionally connecting. This is certainly not something I would attempt to do myself.

After having my bathroom extractor fan installed 4 years ago; I have had no more problems with mould and it has not returned. I also keep my windows open most of the time, even when it’s cold.

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