Smoking vs Vaping – The deadly facts

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When discussing smoking versus versus vaping, there needs to be an understanding of why these 2 are compared to begin with. The category of the e-cigarettes as a type of “tobacco product” was decided on because they offer nicotine, even though there are e-cigs that are nicotine free. The FDA was not able to look-past the drive against nicotine and therefore find the differences in smoking and vaping.

Smoking Vs. Vaping Regulation

The debates continue to rage in the medicine and government departments when it comes to the assessment of the difference between smoking and vaping. Even though a number of European studies have gone onto endorse the e-cigarettes, the U.S. agencies still remain sceptical. Regardless, of these issues many people have made their choice and vaping continues to grow in popularity. I will explore some of these arguments.

Government entities decided that nicotine is the main addictive component inside tobacco. This is the reason why any consumer products that contain nicotine are regulated and labelled by the FDA with a similar scrutiny that is used for tobacco. It is from this determination that they have failed to consider any of the benefits of using e-cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes.

Research that is currently underway in the use of nicotine for treating ailments like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease have also being overlooked. Vaping has been categorized in the way it is associated with and its appearance with smokers and not with actual smoking. The regulation for e-cigarettes has been designed in a way to reflect that connection, but without considering the benefits of smoking vs. vaping with the absence of harmful and dangerous carcinogens which smokers inhale when smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Without medicine and science confirming it, there are no determinations that are direct of possible health-benefits associated with vaping vs. smoking. Yet results of consistent tobacco use on what is does the body is just about endless. Smoking happens to be one out of the most destructive vices when it comes to modern society today.

What Are The Real Differences Between Smoking And Vaping?

Smoking versus vaping are two extremely different things. Yet, scientists, politicians, and researchers are still examining possible connections that they might share. For this reason, a few aspects have to be accounted for when it comes to understanding why smoking and vaping are compared. In part this is due to changes in FDA regulations in association to anything that is classified as a tobacco-product.

When the e-cigarettes started to gain loyal followers, the government entities set out to create a variety of legislations in their efforts to maintain a control over the sales of these products. However, the vaping world experienced a triumph in the early stages when e-cigarettes were disqualified in the form of medical devices. This allowed for free reign over a period of time where creativity and innovation expanded.

Yet it did not take very long for the FDA to state that e-cigarettes are tobacco products in association to how they are used to deliver nicotine. This resulted in an unfair distinction that put vaping and e-cigs in the very same class of carcinogen toxic delivery devices. Even though the sole thing that these two shares is only nicotine, the government entities refuse to separate that identifies largely due to ritual.

It is ironic, that ritual happens to be the main reason as to why smokers usually try vaping and why there are so many people that have problems with quitting successfully. Even though vaping is able to fulfil this action, familiar sensations and motions of smoking will be free from over 7,000 toxic chemicals which flow into the body when inhaling tobacco that is burnt. Even though vaping has not been declared as an alternative that is healthier, it is obvious that there are major differences between smoking and vaping and this has to do with by-products that you are inhaling. When you decide to take up e-cigarettes you have made a conscious decision that you are no longer exposing your body to cancer-causing and harmful toxins.

Health Benefits Associated With Vaping Vs. Smoking

To date, the research associated with long-term effects associated with vaping is minimal. The studies conducted on vaping juices have examined “possible” harmful by-products in association to its ingredients. Yet, there is no evidence that is conclusive that suggests these are specifically created from vaping. The long-term effects when it comes to vaping still needs to be established. Yet it is very clear, that the significant health issues that are caused from cigarettes happen to be unique when it comes to smoking tobacco.

The obvious largest concern of the health professionals in their efforts to get their patients to stop smoking has to do with disease. Tobacco smoke has the potential to damage just about every organ and part of a human body, in addition to all the cancer types that it is linked with. Now consider the harm that tobacco use is linked with and then think about any type of similar evidence which is created from vaping. Even though health benefits to do with vaping vs. smoking might not be evident immediately, harm which tobacco causes is overwhelmingly absent when it comes to vaping.

The Dangers Of Tobacco

Cigarettes that contain tobacco contain the additives which are designed to keep users wanting more and engaged while depositing toxic carcinogens into their bodies and destroying tissues. The CDC states that tobacco still remains the largest yet preventable cause for disease and death in the U.S. Smoking cigarettes kills over 480,000 Americans every year, with over 41,000 of the deaths associated with exposure to what is known as second-hand smoke.

The deaths are more than any of the other types of preventable deaths which includes poor sanitation/unsafe water, malnutrition, air pollution and sexually-transmitted diseases. Air pollution is associated with the people that reside in the major cities where air has become un-breathable even die less when compared to the cigarette smoker. Even in regions where the citizens are constantly exposed to toxic air, the deaths are still more likely caused from smoking.

When thinking about public-health, the sole winners happen to be the people. However, when you start to consider factors like personal hygiene, physical safety, environmental impact and costs, it becomes clear that one out of the 2 is at a distinctive advantage. It makes sense why there have already been so many individuals who have switched to vaping vs. smoking.


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