Father’s Day gifts

Yes it’s June already which means a few things – My birthday, football and Father’s Day. I have to wonder if the World Cup was deliberately planned to fall over Father’s Day? Giving men an extra excuse to lounge in front of the telly and shout at it for a few weeks!

Anyway it will be Father’s Day on Sunday June 17th, so just less than 2 weeks. Us ladies all know just how difficult it can be to buy presents for men that they will actually use. So I’ve created my own small gift guide with a few more unusual gifts for Dads.

1) From VARTAand for the Dad who loves his gadgets but perhaps also goes away a lot.

It’s a power bank and a very powerful power bank too. One full charge of this 12000 power bank is enough to charge 4 phones fully or 2 tablets to full battery capacity. There are 2 other models being the less powerful 6000 and the more powerful 18000. These power banks and really slim, therefore great for travelling and the 2 USB slots mean 2 gadgets can be charged at any one time. (£34.99 Amazon)

2) Lifeprint photo printer!

If you’re dad loves his memories and likes taking photos, then this unique little printer from Life print may just be what he needs. It’s a printer that’s slightly bigger than most mobile phones. It connects via blutooth and prints off pictures straight from mobile devices. The lifeprint app enables users to instantly share their prints worldwide and also includes an added editing suite with filters, stickers and memes to add more fun to those cherished prints. It even prints in augumented reality mode for those live shots and video prints. Just like on screen, the image comes to life right in front of you.

The best thing is, that this smart portable printing device needs no ink. I’m not too sure how it prints, tho I imagine the ink is somehow already inside the photo paper but it’s a really cool gadget.

This is a bit on the pricey side, costing about £120. There are two sizes too and extra photo paper packs seem to be easy enough to buy.

3) Personalised pocket watch. This would suit the older and more traditional Dad. The dad who doesn’t do technology.

It’s a traditional old fashioned type of gift with a lovely personalised touch. This pocket watch comes from Gifts online 4 u. This piece costs just £34.99 with personalisation and as you can clearly see, I got 4 lines of text on this one. The text is very bold and easily readable.

They do sell other types of Personalised watches too, including the more traditional wrist watches. Also many other Personalised Father’s Day gifts if your dad perhaps doesn’t like watches or maybe has too many already.

The watch opens up to a fully functioning time telling device. The correct time probably won’t be automatically set when you first receive it, but I found this really easy to do.

It’s really unique and part of our history. Many gentlemen would carry one of these with them in their pockets many years ago. These days they are rare to see but undoubtedly a timeless gift. I think this pocket watch would be perfect for Grandads too as well as the more traditional Dad. Of course a gift like this can be given for any other occasion too.

4) Ugearsare eco friendly wooden construction kits and would suit a Dad who enjoys making stuff, or again a non tech type of Dad. They come as many figures and vehicles suitable for young and old alike.

They don’t arrive as built models, but instead in packs of wooden sheets with pop out parts that slot and construct together.

Some are more difficult than others and it depends on how much patience Dad has as to whether he will finish it. Prices vary.

5) Venturer tablet – Every dad needs a tablet, no matter how much they like or detest technology. Tablets make life so much easier compared to bulky pcs and slow laptops.

This Viking 10L android tablet from Venturer boasts a large 10 inch display making it easy for anyone to use. It has a 16GB storage which is expandable with a memory card. A 4 core processor means it’s very responsive, loading web pages and games in seconds without any lag. Dual cameras at front and rear and both WiFi and Bluetooth connection. The Google play market has thousands of apps and games for downloading (including World Cup apps)

These are selling on Amazon for just under £100

And remember no matter what present you buy for your Father or the man in your life this Father’s Day, the greatest gift of all is always love.

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