Decorate your own Teepee

We are all absolutely loving the hot weather and are constantly outside. My kids love their garden toys and games but I’m useless when it comes to constructing things that require bolts or nails and any kind of building. So the lovely people over at “Big game hunters” had a think and sent over this rather unusual Teepee for Izebella.

It’s unusual because it comes with a plain canvas and a few washable markers ready for Izebella and friends to decorate it as they wish. And yes if it gets too messy it can all be washed out to start all over again.

Yes that’s the actual teepee in my garden prior to giving Izebella the pens. And yes I built it all by myself too. The instructions were, luckily really easy to follow. It looked nothing like this in the box, in fact I was slightly worried when I saw all the wooden poles, cord and a few plastic bits but I actually found it incredibly easy to construct. The most difficult part was probably the end bit when I had to get it to stand up. What I had to do was separate all the poles at the bottom until it was sturdy,

And they could not wait to get it and start to draw and colour and put their tag on it.

Both inside and out can be drawn on. It’s great for a Summer shelter too for both kids and pets, as the cats soon discovered. The door fastens shut too and there’s a peep hole type window at the side.

It can be used inside and outside but once constructed it is quite tall and quite wide once the poles are spread out so inside may not be good if space is short. It does however all collapse into itself when not in use. Meaning it can be stored in a shed, cupboard or even easily disassembled. It’s not really suitable for use in rain either.

The poles seem really strong and sturdy enough to keep the teepee up in mild winds. We have left the teepee up over night in the recent warm weather and it’s still in the same place the next morning. The cover is 100% cotton canvas and fully washable. The teepee will hold two smallish children.

It is currently on sale at the reduced price of Β£27.00 which is less than half of the original price of Β£59.99. Eight pens come included.


  1. kayleigh watkins
    June 4, 2018 / 20:19

    I haven’t seen these before, my five year old daughter would have hours of fun decorating one, her birthday is in August too so I’ll have to look into getting her one, although I usually avoid colour in toys etc as I teach her not to colour in things, she went through a stage of colouring my walls, doors, bannisters, sofa and brand new flooring lol xxx

  2. June 5, 2018 / 11:02

    This looks like fantastic fun! What a fantastic idea. It looks like your girls had a great time x

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