Post natal fashion at Marraine Boutique

Being a mum to three children means I’m very familiar with the post natal body. Afte having a baby it can take a while to get back into those pre-natal clothes again. But post-natal does not have to mean the end of looking fashionable.

Marriane Boutique is based in Ireland and focuses on post-natal fashion. All the clothing sold by the boutique is hand made by founder Valentina Sopresa. Each garment is very unique making it a special treat for ladies who have just had a baby. After all, how often do we get to treat ourselves once we become mothers?

This is one of my favourites from the collection and it’s just the perfect thing for the lovely weather we are having now.

It is the exhilaration mini dress. It comes in both the blue and a red design. Its the sort of thing I like as it still shows off the figure whilst hiding the bits you don’t want on show after a baby. It even has a tie at the breast area so breastfeeding is made easier whilst still looking great.

I also like this babydoll style dress too. This one certainly hides all those post natal imperfections and especially so the tummy. Again they have considered breast feeding mums with the addition of clever secret zippers near the breasts. This dress could easily be matched with a pair of heels for those post baby celebrations.

With the boutique being based in Ireland it does mean the prices are in Euros, and also dollars for the American visitors. They do of course ship to the UK and there are many online currency conversion tools online. Shipping is free too.

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