My little pony – Cutie mark crew Hasbro

It seems there is no escaping the miniature collectibles playground trends, with My little pony now joining in the craze too.

My Little Pony were around when I was a little girl and are more well known for their colourful pony’s with luscious flowing brush-able hair. Well they now have brand new mini additions known as Cutie Mark Crew!

And yes my five year old squealed with delight when I handed her the first collectible in this new range from Hasbro. She likes it that much and thinks it’s so cute that she even specifically told me not to put it in the collectibles box. The box being what I can only described as a foot stool with storage containing hundreds of other collectible figures – Num noms, ship kind etc and yes I mean hundreds. But she didn’t want this one going in.

It’s easy to see why young girls are going to love them. The majority of little girls adore My little Pony and those who don’t won’t want one of these anyway. Add to that most girls also love their mini collectible figures so combine both and it’s bound to be a huge hit.

And yes the above picture is exactly what you get when you purchase one of these new cutie mark crew figures. Basically the figure itself, something it sits in and the cylindrical habitat pink thing. There’s a collectors sheet too of course so little girls can mark off which they have and which parents need to source to complete their adorable collections, despite these individual packs being blind bags.

The figures seem to be based on their much larger and original counterparts and include the actual ponies, sea ponies and equestria girls with all the more well known characters included such as pinkie pie and twilight sparkle. I have spotted larger collectors packs online too with secret ponies and no doubt the usual limited edition figures included somewhere too. There are 24 figures to collect so far, but no doubt more series will be introduced at some point. They also all come with a cafeteria snack theme, hence the cup accessory that this one came with.

These are a new product but I did spot the individual figures in Smyths at Β£3.49 each which is a reasonable enough price for this type of toy.

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