Tips for making moving home easier (Rattan Direct)

Moving house is without a doubt; the most stressful event in many peoples lives. I’ve done it myself a few times so I know that its no easy task. It takes time, planning and money.

The stress and frustration can be minimised by following a few useful hints supplied to me by Rattan Direct.

1) Prepare – decide on a moving date. Avoid Fridays and bank holidays if possible. Many removal companies will charge extra for moving on these days. And also if anything goes wrong in the new home it can be more difficult to sort over weekends.

2)Packing – This is the time to get rid of the clutter. If you don’t need it then sell it or bin it. Don’t fill the boxes too much, or they will burst. Label the boxes room by room so it makes it easier to place them on removal day. Pack all non essential items as soon as you know you’re moving and pack an essentials box for the moving day (tea & coffee, cups)

3) leaving your home This can be a little upsetting, saying goodbye to a home you’ve lived in. A good idea is to write down some useful info for the next owners such as bin collections & utility companies.

Also redirect your post via the post office

4) Moving day – It’s important to give the removal company or whoever is moving your things, the key to your new home so that there are no delays getting your stuff inside. Pack the car with smaller boxes and more smaller essential items and make sure nothing is left behind.

5) New home – check everything works, check everything is there that was part of the sale. Unpack what you need for the first few days. Inform important people and places of the new address such as – HMRC, doctors, schools, banks etc.

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