Little Tikes splash face

Splash face is part of the new Fun Zone toys from Little Tikes. The fun zone products are designed for outdoor use and usually involve using water.

This is quite a simple designed toy once it’s up and running. The problem I found was that it does not come with a standard hose attachment. Our hose just did not fit the connection so we did have to wait for a connector part. Also inserting the top tower bit is tricky. I had to try and line up connecting points and then push it down firmly which took a fair few attempts.

It’s now fully assembled and the hose is working on this.

The way to play is a bit like a mini tug of war. Two players pull a rope each. The one who pulls further makes the other one wet. There are holes on either side so each player can be splashed.

Now another slight problem is that after more than a week of unusually hot sunshine; our soil has gone rather solid. The plastic stakes are designed to be hammered into the soil, but they just would not budge far enough so yes the whole thing lifts up after a few goes and has to be reset which is slightly frustrating for the kids.

Anyway here’s my girls having a quick go!

Our garden is not huge, but luckily the ropes only pull so far, so it’s not too risky. This toy costs just under Β£30. I think it’s slightly too much considering people may be disappointed to discover they have to try and source a specific hose connector before it will work.


  1. Rachel
    June 9, 2018 / 16:14

    Hi what connector did you use!? Do you have a picture?

    • June 9, 2018 / 17:01

      I had to contact little tikes who sent me one

    • Sophie
      June 11, 2018 / 21:09

      We got a connector from Bunnings, it’s a simple white plastic tube a couple of cms long with a screw thread on each end. Your hose attachment goes one side and splash face goes the other side, only cost Β£1 something

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