Mardles life

Mardles are a new interactive universe of books, designed for young children.

All you need is one of the many books, as above and a device to download the free app. The app is available on all platforms – Apple, google and android. There is no registration needed and it does not ask for any details at all. Once downloaded the app works without wi-fi making this great for kids when travelling.

Once the app is installed, it’s all ready to use. Children can read the pages of the story and then point their devices at each page that has a magic wand on.

The app instantly recognises the wand symbol and will bring the book to life right in front of the child’s eyes. A whole unique 3D pop up world opens up, with sound and with screen interaction. The devices camera picks up your own surroundings too meaning we can make the animals appear to walk on our carpet and even our hands.

Mardles have many story books to choose from and also 4D colouring books, stickers and masks which also come alive with the app. The interactive books cost just Β£6.99. This is a similar price to most regular reading books, but using the app makes them so much more fun.

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