New bed lights

These very pretty led lights come from Cable and Cotton. They come in many choices of patterns and colours, light lengths etc, and you can even make your own custom colours set too.

The lights arrive like this!

And there is a small bit of DIY involved. The coloured balls don’t come on the bulbs. The bulbs are like a string of fairy lights and the balls all have pre-made slits inside. I had to locate the slit and open it up to fit the led bulb inside each one.

Luckily I only had 20 lights to do, the sets do go up to 50 lights which would be a little more time consuming.

The lights come with a USB plug meaning they will also fit most phone charger plugs too.

Once all attached, they can be placed anywhere in the home. I don’t think they are suitable for outdoor use.

I put them over my bed, meaning I’ve always got lights. I get fed up of battery lamps and solar lamps are touch and go.

These however are just perfect. I love the pink and red colours together, but obviously pink isn’t for everyone. Take a look at the other light sets for different colours and ideas or create your own. I attached my lights using sticky clips and they seem to be holding just fine so far (clips not included)

A light set of 20 like these costs Β£29.95.

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