Nikko Turbo Panther 60th anniversary model

For 60 years, Nikko has been passionate about designing awesome action vehicles that deliver Innovation, Performance and Quality for fans around the world. In 2014, Toy State took over this incredible legacy and to celebrate this magnificent 60-year milestone, the team have designed some fantastic amphibious vehicles. Be astounded by the cutting-edge design of the Velocitraxβ„’, Omni X, Nano VaporizR 3β„’ and the limited-edition Turbo Panther which hits shelves this Autumn.

It’s hard to believe that these RC cars have been around much longer than I have.

To join in with the celebrations, we have been sent over a new anniversary special Turbo panther RC car.

It’s a good decent sized car and not one that’s going to get lost under a car. It needs 3AA batteries in the control but the car itself charges via USB, meaning you can plug it into the laptop whilst working or browsing.

Top speeds are almost 10mph and the built in suspension helps the car to easily overcome bumps and obstacles along the way. Controlling it takes a bit of practice just like most RC type vehicles. It is very fast and rapid.

Here is a video from You tube to show you what this gadget can do.

My son in particular had the most fun with the turbo panther, which I suppose is to be expected. The girls did have quick goes but soon got fed up. I do think it’s something that more boys than girls will be attracted to.

This is a special anniversary edition and also limited edition which will be in stores soon!

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