This week I’ve been proudly showing off a new lingerie set! Well at least in my bedroom and to myself I have. After all it’s not really something I can show to the whole world! Or maybe I can?

This is a gorgeous matching Marie Jo Avero set from Lingerie UK. The two pieces are separate purchases rather than a sold set. I prefer lingerie as separate purchases anyway because I’m a size 8/10 waist but a 34D bra and that’s impossible to buy in pre made matching sets. The bra is always too small or the briefs too large so this way I’m able to pick the correct sizes.

UK Lingerie sells lots of beautiful matching sets just like the one I have and also many other types of lingerie, gowns, nightwear and shape wear. This set costs a lot more than what I would usually pay, the bra being almost Β£63 and the thong just under Β£30. It is a lot to pay out for underwear but it did feel good wearing it.

And yes that’s my body with the set on. I do love my white clothes and underwear, especially so when I’m nice and brown as it really stands out.

The set is gorgeous and so comfy to wear. The sizes seem a perfect fit. I would be very happy if I was given this set say as a birthday or Christmas gift from a partner.

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