Little Miracles – yes healthy drinks

The idea of cold organic tea combined with super fruit juices and placed in a standard drinks bottle doesn’t exactly fill my brain with delight. I’ve tried many cold tea type fruit drinks and have not been that impressed. In fact some of them I found so revolting that I refuse to even give them a mention.


This mind set was before I came across the Little miracles drinks.

I was still sceptical before trying these, despite kindly being sent a massive months worth of the bottles, but I always try anything I feature, or how else can I share my opinions?

Well I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, they taste like juice or like a mildly flavoured water. No revolting cold tea taste; even my girls like them. The fruit flavours are natural so are not overpowering or too sweet. There are several choices of flavour too.

These drinks from Little Miracles are a blend of organic tea and super fruit juices. They all contain a carefully selected panax ginseng in its purest form and açaí which are beneficial for the body. There is less than 50 calories in each one too.

The standard bottle size makes them good for taking out too, be it work, a trip or even for school as being healthy they will probably be packed lunch approved.

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