Lalalab prints

What’s the point in taking thousands of photos on your phone and then never printing them out? Pretty pointless in my opinion!

Printing them yourself can be a daunting and expensive job, so I use an app called Lalalab which can be downloaded from the App Store.

It’s an easy to use app, fill out a few details and upload photos from your device. Uploading is done in minutes, depending on the connection and there’s a few options to make all different sorts of photos.

You can make calendars, phone cases, photo books, posters, magnets and lots more gifts and also make these unique little prints too, which I think are really fab!

I wad able to choose colours for each individual print and these are just a small few from my full order. These are the vintage 10×12 size prints. I could also have had text added to the bottom of each print, but chose not to have this. The prints can then be kept in a special box or made into a wall collage etc. They also fit neatly inside a purse.

Very cute and colourful prints and all costing less than 40p each.

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