A Tale about The Irish Fairy Door Company

Once upon a time in a far-away land called Bolton, lived a tiny princess named Izebella.

Izebella dreamed of being a fairy and meeting fairy friends, she even liked to dress as a fairy and loved anything fairy themed.

However all was not what it seemed over in the tiny palace in Bolton, as every night there was one thing that little Izebella feared and that was the ugly horrible robots.

Not just any robot, but those metal walking, taking, noise making things which seemed to keep Izebella awake at night with nightmares!

So Queen Bizzimummy contacted a magical away place known as The Irish Fairy Door Company and a few days later a very special and mystical package arrived at the palace doors.

But this was no ordinary package for a normal little girl, no; this package contained magical items to help a princess connect with fairies and to protect her from those awful robots and nightmares.

Thid magical 12 inch fairy door that can be placed anywhere around the home is the entrance for a fairy to come into our home. And more importantly Izebellas room. The door comes with a special key inside a bottle, a welcome guide, fairy agreement and stepping stones, everything a princess needs to invite a fairy into her room.

Our new fairy can even be registered in the fairy database and be given a name. We can go on a magical journey using the app with many stories and play ideas.

The fairies will soon get rid of those pesky robots and stop Izebellas nightmares now that the special door is in place. But that’s not all as Izebella also has her very own special interactive worry plaque.

This is especially useful at night time. It can be wall mounted too. When Izebella is worried she places her hand on the magic worry plaque and thinks of her worry. Then the plaque glows red.

The worry is transferred to the fairies via the magic contained inside the plaque. Once the fairies hear the worry, the plaque glows green.

Green means the worries are transferred and taken away. The energy from the worries is turned into wishing dust meaning Izebella can wish instead of worry and the robots will disappear.

The fairies remain watching over the little princesses as they sleep soundly in their beds!

And Princess Izebella lived happily ever after, safe and sound and no more robot nightmares!

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  1. May 4, 2018 / 22:04

    Oh this looks like a great idea and one that my daughter would love.

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