Online dating can be fun

Over the past few weeks you have probably spotted several posts about online dating, discussing the dangers and how to stay safe etc. Well today is another post about online dating and in particular free online dating websites, only this time I’ll be discussing the positive and perks side of it.

Back in the pre historic days, when I was growing up and pre internet, dating still existed. Only back then there was no mobiles and obviously no internet. I’m unsure how anyone managed but if adults wanted to “blind date” then their choices were – either a home phone chat line (usually with expensive premium rate numbers) or a lonely hearts ad in the local newspaper which also cost money. Well things have changed over the years with the ever evolving internet, tablets and smart phones with apps. And we now have internet dating sites.

The best ones are the free ones of course, as they don’t cost anything. There’s so many of them about now too and many people are members or more than one. Signing up is usually straightforward starting with the personal basics about yourself. You can usually use a username or nickname rather than using your own name (for privacy). Then you’ll usually fill out what you are looking for from the dating site. This includes whether you want a man, woman, sexual orientations, age groups, if you want a relationship or just fun etc and a few other preferences.  When it comes to choosing the right dating app, the options can seem overwhelming. Finding a platform that aligns with your preferences and goals is important. Factors to consider include the app’s user base, features, and overall reputation. One valuable resource to aid in your decision-making process is Online For Love’s list of the top BBW dating platforms. Their comprehensive compilation provides insight into the best apps specifically tailored for those seeking connections with beautiful, plus-sized individuals. You can confidently navigate the vast sea of dating apps by referring to this list, knowing you’re selecting from reputable platforms that cater to your preferences.

Once signed up and confirmed, most free sites then let you browse other members based on your preferences. If you spot someone that takes your fancy then drop them a message. If they reply then good for you and if not, don’t worry too much as there’s plenty more matches on there.

I have used a fair few dating sites myself including the well known ones. I’ve never had any problems with any of the men I have spoken too or met. In fact I am still friends with a fair few of them even after a few years. I have not really been on there looking for Love as such, but nor am I the sort of person who goes looking for one night stands. I guess I still don’t really know what I want or what I’m really looking for, but I know that if it was a relationship and love that I wanted then I could easily find that on dating sites. Yes I get a lot of offers!

People assume that dating sites are only for desperate people, but this is not the case. People from all walks of life including military, engineering, retail and yes the unemployed use dating sites. As it is becoming more difficult to go out and meet someone like we used to.

Many of my friends have found love on dating sites. One of them even found love thousands of miles away in New Zealand and ended up starting a whole new life and marriage there but that’s another story.

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