L.O.L surprise confetti pop

Confetti pop is the latest product to hit the L.OL craze. The confetti pop balls contain 9 hidden surprises which I’m pleased to say seem to be improving in quality since the first release of L.O.L.

There is also less waste too. The other L.O.L balls contained a lot more plastic in layers which had to be peeled and torn off to reveal the hidden accessories. This one just has one main layer of plastic wrapping and then the ball spins to reveal hidden compartments where little surprises are hiding.

Of course the best surprise is the main star which is always a collectible L.O.L doll. With confetti pop, she is hidden inside the ball, the ball opens up and colourful confetti flies all over the place which I did not expect. And yes that means more mess to clean up but at least it’s not all plastic wrapping.

I do love the little L.O.L dolls as they do seem to be well made and very appealing to little girls. I just don’t like all the mess that they seem to bring as the majority is just a waste of packaging (and paper confetti) but my girls love them and love unwrapping them!

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