Fletter – A game about words

For ages 8+

For 2-4 players

This is Fletter from Binca games. It’s a card word game with 110 playing cards and nothing else except for the instruction sheet.

Fletter game play and rules are simple. I actually think the recommended age of 8 and above could be lowered depending on a child’s spelling ability.

The cards all have letters of the alphabet on them along with numbers at the top, yes a bit like scrabble pieces. The cards get dealt face down, each player then places their top cards in the centre.

The first round involves finding a 3 letter word, the players keep playing cards until one player finds and shouts out a 3 letter word. They then win that word and remove the letters from the word. Play continues with players placing cards and shouting out 3 letter words until all players have run out of cards. Players winning cards are then totalled up using the numbers on the cards and round one is complete.

There are 4 rounds in total, round one as above, round two – make 4 letter words, then 5 & finally 6 letter words for round four which is obviously much trickier. At the end of all 4 rounds the scores are added and the winner announced.

Now there are a few other cards besides all the letters. The blank cards act like blank scrabble pieces, they are a good thing as they can be used as any letter. The Fletter cards are not so good. Fletter cards deduct points and get given for words that are incorrect or not on the table and also not the correct letter length for the round played.

Why we like it! – β€’it’s such a simple game. The cards are easily stored away when not in use and it’s also makes a good travel game.  It is the perfect game for bringing on a hike according to outdoorworld.reviews.

β€’ It encourages children to think about words, especially so on the bigger word rounds

β€’ It helps with correct spellings

What we don’t like – There aren’t really many bad points about this game. The only slight downside is that Izebella is only 5 years old, whilst she can easily participate in rounds 1&2. The more difficult rounds prove difficult, but she is 3 years under the age guide.

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