Didriksons Modern trail collection – Annema women’s jacket

‘”Didriksons is introducing a new category for spring/summer 2018 – Modern Trail – specifically for women. The range is designed for women who enjoy life in the outdoors and need reliability and protection from the elements as well as looking good”

I have worked with Didriksons on many occasions, and so I am already well aware of just how comfortable and great their outdoor wear is. Both myself and my children have previously felt the benefits from many coats, boots and all in one rainwear sets.

This is the gorgeous jacket I chose from the modern trail collection. This being the Annema women’s jacket.

This jacket is so very different to others I have from Didriksons. I love the style which is something in between a waterproof coat and a light fleece, the contrast of both seems to work so well for a Summer jacket like this.

This one that I chose is a slight off white colour with minimal hints of grey, the colour is aluminium, other options include pale turquoise and Navy.

This is my actual jacket. This is known as a hybrid puffer jacket. The evo down padding is on the chest, shoulders, back and upper arms. It keeps the important places a little warmer when needed.

The sleeves are really long, there is even a thumb hole in the cuff which means it acts a bit like a glove/mitten and helps to keep the hands warm.

The hood is fixed and not removable but can be slightly adjusted to fit. It’s a large comfortable hood which keeps my head warm and seems to hug my ears.

There are 2 deep zipped pockets which are large enough to store mobile phones safely.

A view of the back of the jacket shows that extra padding on the top and the fleece layer below.

This jacket/coat is amazing. I love the style, the fit and how it feels on. It’s a small fit style jacket which seems to hug the body rather than a big puffy style coat with lots of room. It’s perfect for a warm summer day as it doesn’t make me feel too hot when it’s on but would provide enough warmth once the sun starts to set.

This coat is designed with the Didriksons thermal system meaning it insulates the body so the wearer is always at the right temperature. It is not fully windproof or waterproof like some of my previous coats and is designed for more milder and warmer weather.

It can be worn as an outer layer (main coat) or an extra layer with more protective coat on a colder day.

This gorgeous jacket should be making its way into UK stores soon. Didriksons products can be found in many outdoor type stores and some sports stores. I have had a browse on line to find a price for one of these jackets and only found a small handful of sellers; selling between £100 – £130. Yes Didriksons is quality stuff. I imagine this jacket to be a very popular choice this Summer. I absolutely love it.

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