Personalized Cart

No it’s not a spelling mistake guys, Personalized cart is an American company, hence the different spelling.

Personalized cart are an online gift seller, selling unique gifts. They offer shipping to the UK.

One of the gifts that really stood out for me was the selection of pretty robes and especially the white one.

This one costs just $19.99. Which probably works out around Β£12. I have seen similar robes in shops over here, but they are much more expensive than this one.

It’s really soft and light and has a big hint of sexiness to it as well. If ordering one, take note of the difference in U.S sizes which seem to be smaller than UK. I have the XS size and I’m normally a size 8. This fits me with lots of room left.

The robes can even be personalised if you wish. However I chose not to have this option as it’s for myself.

Visit Personalized cart to see other gifts that they have.

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