Easter from Montezumas

It’s not often I get Easter eggs for myself, but this year I have! Look at the size of this one!

Now this is a very special Easter egg, because unlike the standard supermarket ones, this one comes straight from Montezumas who have a very delightful collection of Easter gifts.

Now I would class this as a high range Easter egg if that makes sense. Meaning it’s quality stuff. Unfortunately quality stuff, like this egg doesn’t come cheap. This Easter egg does cost a rather pricy Β£19.99 and therefore probably best reserved for special people (a bit like myself). I certainly could not, and would not be buying one of these for each of my 3 children.

So what makes it so expensive? You’re probably wondering! Well Montezumas certainly has its name right at the top in the world of chocolate making…. and the egg inside is just pure quality.

Look how thick that egg shell is; will take a lot to finish this one. Then those peanut butter mini eggs, which themselves are a pretty decent size considering they are meant to be “mini”

It tastes devine. The thick luxury chocolate combined with the salty flavour of peanut butter filling. Yes it’s amazing tho I doubt it will do much good for my waistline once eaten. Oh well; we all deserve a nice treat now and again don’t we?

Check Montezumas for more Easter delights.

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