Free stuff for kids

Everyone loves a freebies don’t they? And especially so kids. When I was a young girl, I used to love applying for and sending off for free stuff. The waiting and anticipation of it arriving was what I enjoyed most, and well as most of you know, who follow my blog – not much has changed as I still love getting my packages.

Now times have changed greatly over the years. Back then we had to fill out forms and post them in order to get the freebies. These days it’s all online, no stamp needed and much quicker too.

Wow free stuff is a good website to get kids free samples.

The website is updated frequently with offers of samples, services and products for the kids. I have just had a browse myself and found free Lego products, stationary, posters and some sports stuff to help schools.

Wow free stuff also have other categories for all sorts of other freebies and samples. A google search will also bring up many other websites for kids freebies.

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