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Everyone needs that bit of quirkiness in their home. That one special item that no one else owns, a unique piece of furniture perhaps, or an unusual ornament or a special light that warms up the room. I myself have several unusual items that my guests and visitors often point out and ask where they come from. Today I find out about an incredible designer and her studio over in the Netherlands. She designs some pretty incredible eye catching pieces.

Studio Arntzen specialises in concept development, lighting and spatial design. The designs are totally unique and are catered to individual needs.

I find this light absolutely stunning and very pretty with the bold metallic colours which will certainly add a lot of glimmer to any room.

Studio Armtzen complete dynamic projects, such as the light above from concept to final production for individuals, businesses, design labels, and for events.

Dutch designer – Paula Arntzen is the owner of Studio Arntzen, and it is based in the Netherlands. She studied traditional furniture making after leaving school and then went on to study product design which helped her career as a product designer. Studio Arntzen came about in 2009. Paula also completed a “Master of Arts” in design at The Royal college of Art in London. Her work has been internationally presented and she has worked internationally on several projects and workshops.

Paula’s light designs can be viewed with prices in her design light shop, which includes prices in Euros. The lights vary in price starting as low as €86 right up into the thousands.

Imagine having a light like this one hanging in your bedroom or living room?

As well as her lighting design interest; Paula also has a keen fascination for furniture design.

This gorgeous bench is just one of her designs. It is made from high molecular weight polythene and recycled plastic making it easy to produce. It is less than 2 inches thick, it folds down, yet when unfolded the fit tightens when weigh gets added and thus increases stability.

These unique vases are Paula’s shape of wonder. Made with ceramic and a glaze with a cracked feature, imitates the water trying to escape. Yes each piece tells a story.

The parrot scarfs also have their own story. They are made with pure skin and have a hand drawn parrot motif all over. This motif is specially screen printed and each scarf will be individual in colour. The parrots are linked to telling the truth and speaking from the heart. Parrots repeat words back, so we hear our own unfiltered words, the truth of those words comes back to us and we are reminded of kept secrets and untold truths. A very powerful symbol indeed.

Her ideas seem very quirky and out there and certainly stand out from the rest. I would love a few of her designs in my home.

Paula has many upcoming projects in the making, which can be viewed in the projects section of her website.

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