Club Petz Betsy Bunny

If you are a parent and considering alternative Easter treats that preferably don’t involve overpriced chocolate shaped eggs, then maybe consider a Betsy Bunny.

Betsy would also make an excellent alternative to the real thing, if kids are mentioning cute bunnies.

Betsy bunny is part of the Club petz range which includes all sorts of cute fluffy battery operated animals.

Betsy comes pre loaded with batteries which is quite unusual these days, she has a try me demo mode and on/off switch located on her underneath. On her back is her button which gets her going. She can hop just like a real rabbit and make various bunny type sounds.

She is also somewhat sound activated, call her name, clap, or make a noise near her and her ears will go down. I say somewhat as this function can be hit or miss and she doesn’t always respond. I’m thinking the sound needs to be close to a certain part of her to work best.

Betsy is very cute and she’s the size of a real rabbit with similar colouring and despite being battery operated she is still quite cuddly too.

Sellers include Argos and Smyths and costs around Β£34.99.

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