Yeti in my Spaghetti

This has to be one of the most bizzare games we have come across. What makes it so strange is that it’s so easy to play. The instructions printed on a small piece of paper. No batteries, no complicated rules and just very silly game playing.
Think a more simplified version of Jenga or even kerplunk and you get a white yeti monster and a bunch of plastic spaghetti in a bowl.

The yeti looks a bit like a miniature version of the marshmallow man from ghostbusters, tho without the hat. The spaghetti is placed criss cross across the bowl so that it sits on the bowl rim and over. The yeti is then placed on top of the spaghetti and in the middle.
Then each player takes turns to each remove one spaghetti piece at a time. The first few pieces are usually easy, the loose ones that are no where near the yeti. However as play goes on and the remaining pieces are right under yeti’s butt, it then gets slightly harder (again think jenga, and kerplunk) . If yeti falls into the bowl then the game is over and the player who managed to successfully pull the last piece of spaghetti is the round winner.
There’s no dice, or counters etc. It’s extremely easy and usually a very quick game too.
The recommended age guide for this is 4 and over, with 4-8 year olds probably enjoying it the most. I don’t think there is a maximum number of players with this as it’s just turn based. I think it could even be played solo too but probably best with at least two players.
It’s not an expensive game, starting at just Β£9.99 over on Amazon and certainly lots of fun.

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