Num Noms snackable dippers

We are well used to the Num Noms range by now, little rubbery things in the shape of food items with scents and lip gloss and other bits and pieces. Yes we have a huge box full to the top of the things. But now Num Noms have introduced something totally different!

These are the brand new snackable dippers and are totally different to the Num Noms products that we are used to.

These things still resemble foodie products but instead come as long dipper shapes.
Each one of these “blind packs” contains two big dippers along with a secret sauce compartment which is actually just a cheap plastic tub and nothing really special. The secret tub gets filled with water and some of the dippers then change colour when dipped in, but not all of them. The dippers, like previous num Noms also come scented and all come with a collectors menu so kids can mark off which ones they already have.

They cost about Β£5.99 each blind bag and I’m sure many more dipper products will soon be released.

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