My Grandad; the hero & help needed!

I don’t often share personal or family posts on my blog, but after receiving a very special envelope in the post, I just thought I had to.
One of my old neighbours from when I was a little girl, found some old photos and bits whilst sorting through her now deceased father in laws things. These bits and pieces were relevant to me as the people in them were my Grandparents on my mothers side. Both of them sadly past away in the late 1990s, so it was really nice to receive photos of them.

My Grandma who I was especially close to is Irene Stretton (Hay) and my Grandad Wilfred Stretton.
The reason why they are holding a certificate and medal in the photograph above is because in 1972 whilst on a holiday to Clarach in Wales, my Grandad spotted a group of children drowning in the sea. He stripped down, dived in and rescued three of them. Sadly one child didn’t make it. He was awarded the bronze Royal humane society medal for bravery and “Meritorious conduct”. He didn’t think twice about jumping in to save those three children and jumped back in the cold sea many times before he was pulled back from trying again by others, thus risking his own life and all in view of his wife and three of his own young children.

I feel proud having this man as my Grandad and part of my family. I wish he was still here. A lovely proud family man who will not be forgotten.
Unfortunately what I don’t know is who the children were that he rescued, this was back in 1972, and if the children were around 10/11 years then that means they are now in their 50s and probably Grandparents themselves. This happened at Clarach near Aberystwyth in 1972. I only have this newspaper clipping and unable to find much else about it. If anyone is reading this and thinks this story sounds familiar then please leave a comment or get in touch.
Thanks X

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