Phoenix Gold FreeFlight iron

If there is one household chore that I had to name as my worst, then ironing would come very close to being at the top of the worst list (after oven cleaning). I hate the job, I don’t seem to do it to right, but I do think that it helps a lot when using a good quality iron like the new Phoenix Gold.

Ironing does seem to be a whole lot easier using this iron, compared to other models I’ve tried. Firstly it’s cordless, or it can be used corded. It sits and locks into the power base, heats up and then can be unlocked and used cordless, meaning no need to worry about tangling the cord or the cord not being long enough to stretch.

It’s other unique features include the ceramic coated soleplate. Previous irons I have owned did not have this.

This plate enables the iron to easily glide across any fabric without sticking. Gone are the days of burn holes or iron prints on trousers or scraping off black bits off the iron.
It’s easy enough to use, like the majority of irons, you pour in the water, select the settings from the dial and wait for it to heat up, there’s nothing majorly head baffling when using this one.

There is an on/off steam selector mode to use as a steam iron, The Anti-Drip system stops stains from water droplets at low ironing temperatures while the Anti-Calc and Self-Clean functions help to eliminate lime scale build-up to prolong the life of the iron. There’s even an Auto-off safety setting for peace of mind, plus a β€˜Ready to Use’ thermostat light indicator.

Overall this iron performs much better than other models I have tried and tested. The cordless function is more than useful, however the cordless function only works well if the iron is at the correct temperature on base. It does not stick or pull on clothing and it looks very smart in Gold.
This iron costs Β£49.99 from JML.

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