My little pony Equestria Girls

Most little girls love My little Pony and it certainly is not a new craze as I also adored the cute little collectible ponies when I was little.
There are lots of “my little pony’s” to collect and now there are also fashion dolls to go with the pony’s.

These are the Equestria girls. They look like regular fashion doll girls but all have pony ears. These girls even have their own series on You Tube, along with various websites and mentions online.
These girls share names with the most popular pony’s, such as Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie pie and all share similar hair colours to their matching pony.
Izebella was so happy as she was sent her favourite pony girl, her favourite pony being Twilight sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle doll is dressed in colours to match her pony and also has the pony colours in her hair.

Her clothes are removable, and Izebella took no time in taking them off and later putting them back on again, which seems to be a strange habit she has with new dolls.
These are just fashion dolls and don’t do much else, no batteries and no interactive features, so it’s down to little girls to use their imagination as all us mummies did when we had our dolls and pony’s.
Each doll can be bought for about Β£13.00.

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