Snazaroo face paint pens

Snazaroo are probably the most well known face paint brand and they have just launched a brand new product which actually makes face painting even easier for us novices.
It’s quite a coincidence that these face paint pens arrived the day before my daughter had a super hero’s day at school. Her favourite character being Harley Quinn and therefore the red and blue pens being perfect, with a bit of gold added in.

The face paint comes out of the pens by twisting them until a little is visible on the brush, too much out can get messy so it’s best to take time with these.
It does seem slightly easier than trying to apply with a sponge or make up brush as I was able to create finer lines and it’s more useful for finer details.

They seem to contain a fair amount of face paint too and unlike the usual stuff, it won’t dry out or get full of hairs and bits, as long as the lids are kept on.
Well off my little Harley Quinn went to join her friends on super hero day.

We had the adventure pen pack which is fab for super hero’s but there are four other packs with different colours and all for Β£9.99.

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