Degustabox January

January’s Degustabox has to be the healthiest box so far, which of course is a really good thing for me now that I’ve started eating more healthy.

Starting with some rather refreshing drinks and a big full size bottle of the new Robinson’s this time in a glass bottle, not plastic. Make it up with water just like regular Robinson’s juice.Β£2.49
Lighter Life shakes – I got two in the box but drank one before the photos got taken. These are meal replacement shakes and can be purchased in Superdrug. Β£2.49.
Mahtay Yerba mate sparkling tea – okay I really don’t get the whole cold tea concept and sparkling just adds another twist to the confusion. The taste of this isn’t the worst but it’s not really something I’d choose to buy. Β£1.49.

There’s a fair bit going on here isn’t there? So from left to right starting with Pulsin vanilla protein powder – if you’re not into healthy dieting or fitness then this product probably won’t be any use to you. I have these sort of shakes daily. They provide protein and calcium and perfect for working out. Β£1.99.
Jordan’s juicy red berry bars x 2 – Just health bars containing berries and raisins. I normally hate raisins but couldn’t really taste them with the sweetness of the berries. Β£0.45.
Pulsin protein bar – These work well with the protein shakes and especially so if craving a sweet treat without the enormous calories. Β£1.59
Hershey’s cookies n cream – These are probably the only item in the box which aren’t so healthy, but a little treat is usually harmless. There are 5 bars in the pack of the famous American chocolate and they are very small. Β£1.00.

A few cupboard type items here, including – Clipper tea bags – which are an everyday full bodied black tea, yes milk can be added to it as well, I can’t drink tea black either. (Β£3.69 per 100 pack)
Wild planet Albacore tuna steak – This tinned tuna is quality stuff, great flavour and packed full of fish rather than water or oils so it doesn’t need draining. However at Β£3.49 per tin it’s not something I could buy regularly.
Colombian crunchy chicken bites coating – This could not have come at a better time as my son is making his own “American style” chicken nuggets from scratch in his cooking lesson at school and this packet is just perfect for it. Β£0.90.
Latin American kitchen by Santa Maria – keeping with the South American type theme it’s a squeezy bottle of Chipolte mayo topping and it’s very spicy. Β£1.80.

Finally noodles from Miso Tasty – A ramen noodle kit with seaweed garnish and spicy flavours. The noodles being very healthy and low calorie. Β£1.99.
Explore cuisine – The organic Edamame and mung bean fettuccine is a plant based protein and fibre product. A little like pasta and can be used the same way but much healthier. Β£3.00.
I Jane really enjoyed this box. It certainly arrived at a perfect time and contains lots of healthy and yummy goodies.
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