Guylian for Valentines

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s no wonder the shops are quickly filling with chocolates. If you have a loved one like myself then the bog standard every day chocs just won’t do! It has to be something that little bit more special, special like Guylian.

Guylian actually began with a bit of a love story. The name Guylian is a combination of two lovers – Guy and Lillian who created the first Guylian chocolates back in 1958.
Guylian is famous for their seashell shapes pralines which tastes delicious, creamy melt in the mouth praline covered with a marbles effect chocolate just like in this box.

In this “Sea shell” box, there are 22 individual chocolate sea shells, just perfect for a loved one on Valentine’s Day. The great thing about Guylian chocolates is that they come with the luxury appeal and same luxury chocolate taste but they don’t have the luxury price tag like many other simulate brands. This box only costs Β£6.75 and possibly less depending on where they are found.
The small heart shaped box contains 4 heart pralines. These hearts are very chunky and packed full of the same great flavour. There are only four to a box so perhaps this is best given as an additional gift.

This smaller box is sold for just one pound. So it may be worth getting a few as they are really nice.

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