Curbing the sweet cravings with Slissie

One of my New Year resolutions was to lose weight and tone up and in particular get rid of my c-section tummy bulge. So I’ve got back into the gym and totally changed my diet to a more healthy one. But! As with most diets there’s that one problem – the sweet cravings, which is made a little more difficult with 3 children in the house and a cupboard full of chocolates and biscuits.
This is where this little device comes in!

On the outset it kind of looks like a small vaping device and it does work in similar ways. It goes in the mouth and it gets sucked on.
The Slissie device pairs with Slissie tanks which come in a variety of sweet flavours such as chocolate, ginger, banana. These tanks slot inside the device. The device charges via a USB cable. When sucked the device gives a strong blast and taste of sweet flavours which tricks our brains and bodies into thinking our cravings have been taken care of.

After a few weeks of using this device I am now eating much healthier than pre new year, and the cravings, tho still there sometimes have lessened. It’s a good device to use in aiding dieting or any sort of weight loss.
Inhaling the aromas does take a little practice and getting used to. There are a fair few flavours to choose from too. Slissie starter pack costs Β£29.99 and can be purchased over on the Slissie website.

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