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Now that the festivities are pretty much over with, I’m finally getting back into the hang of my blog and my reviews. Yes Christmas certainly zapped my blogging energy along with the never ending run of our household family viruses.
Anyway yes I’m back and am back with my first family game of the year as part of the Blogger Game Club.

As you can see. This is called Jungle Speed. I’m really glad that we got this game this time round because some of the games we have played previously have been too difficult for Izebella and a few even a bit hard for Jordanna to master. This one is aimed at 7 years and above, but if you have a clever 5 year old like I do then there is no harm at all in them joining in too.

See it’s just a lot of cards with patterns and a wooden totem which I believe to be a tribal type thing. This totem doesn’t actually do much in way of sounds or anything either and so no batteries are needed.
Rules are simple. It’s a bit like snap in a way with a few differences. The cards all get dealt out and there’s lots of them so it can take a while with fewer players. Just like snap each player turns over one card at a time but unlike snap; players form own piles rather than a big middle pile (tho of course the rules can be changed to suit!)

Unlike snap, these cards have no numbers, it’s all strange patterns and shapes and it’s all about the patterns. The colours don’t matter but the patterns need to match exactly. It gets confusing because some of them are really similar just not quite the same. If a pattern match is spotted a player has to quickly grab the totem, leaving the other players to add all the played cards to their own piles. Just like snap, the first to get rid of all their cards wins.
There’s a few extra bonus type cards hidden among the pattern cards too that can change the play a little and various rules should two players grab the totem at the same time etc but nothing too complicated with this game, after all if my five year old can play it first time round then I think anyone can.
This one costs anything from Β£14.00 upwards and up to 10 people can play at once. An easy Peasy quick fast thinking family game.

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