It’s a Troll-Tastic new year!

Well Happy new teach all my lovely followers and leaders, and to start off 2018 I have a very happy post featuring the loveable Trolls. In our house the trolls movie was just as big a hit with Izebella as Frozen and Tangled both were and of course her favourite character is the loveable Poppy troll.
Just two days before Christmas a very special box arrived at our door from the elves over at Hasbro. As it was so close to the big day, the box contents got wrapped up as an extra surprise for my cute little princess.

Izebella now has two extra troll items in her collection. This includes a huge play set – the PoDular tree playset. This comes with a small poppy figure, other figures can be purchased separately. The playset comes as plastic parts which easily join together. There are special troll swings that can change positions and special troll seats and accessories.

It’s really tall too being 16 inches, very bright and colourful which is probably what caught Izebellas eye the most. It doesn’t have any sort of sound effects or flashing lights and so does not need batteries but she still loves playing with it and swapping the swings around.
The tree set retails around £35 – £40 in most toy stores. I feel this is overpriced considering what it is and I think the Dreamworks brand and whole Trolls franchise is what makes the cost so high. I think it’s good that the poppy figure comes included, I imagine this small figure alone would probably be around £10.
Izebella also now has the new “Hair in the Air” poppy doll.

Poppy has such amazing hair, 14 inches of bright pink hair that can be twisted and bent to create more styles. She comes with a tiara and comb but to be honest these are very small accessories and will easily be lost and aren’t really needed to play with Poppy.
Her gown plays music, her hair lights up with twinkly red lights and sounds and poppy even says the odd few words such as “Wheee” or “Wow”.

It’s obvious to see why little girls love toys like these. Prices for the poppy hair doll seem to vary from £25-£35. I would be happy to pay the lower £25 for this doll but I feel anymore is just too much.
Izebella absolutely loves her new Trolls additions.

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