Make sure the turkey is cooked this Christmas

Do you know how hot a turkey should be when it’s cooked? No me neither tho a bit of research tells me it’s 75-80C internal. If not cooked correctly or properly then Christmas dinner can soon turn into the stuff of nightmares.
The most accurate way to check the temperature of a turkey, any other meats or even cakes is by using a special food thermometer such as this handy gadget called thermapen.

Thermapens look simple but they don’t come cheap, retailing at around Β£65 each. They are however a one off purchase and it gives a slight peace of mind knowing that this can accurately read internal temperatures of food. Thus minimising the risk of food poisoning.

The device, which resembles a parked red Ferrari is ready to use straight out of the packet. The battery which is a AAA is already pre installed. There is a hidden settings menu but to be honest I doubt I’ll need to access this as it’s already set up to use.

When the metal thermometer prong is pulled out, this instantly starts the digital thermometer reading and when folded back up it turns it off.
The device will calculate the room temperature before even touching food. Touching the prong also calculates your body temperature so yes it’s a really clever device. To test the temperature of food, and turkey in particular the prong gets inserted into the the thickest part. The digital sensor will start to calculate the temperature inside the bird. Sometimes the display keeps changing but thats because the meat is still cooking inside.
It works inside fridges and freezers too to determine if it’s cool enough. There is a handy backlight on the device which automatically comes on if the device senses that there is not enough light.
It’s a small gadget with lots of uses and worth the investment for many years ahead.

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