Lalaloopsy glitter potty surprise

Lalaloopsy is so cute, big button eyes and a cute baby face. And now comes a new baby Lalaloopsy who likes to poop.

This cute little baby comes dressed in just a nappy, she has a dummy and also her feeding bowl, spoon and her potty.

She also comes with 3 pots of magic food. Each pot a different glittery colour. This is actually a substance similar to kinectic sand. It looks like play doh from the outset but it’s much softer like sand and stays together.
The idea is that the doll gets spoon fed a small amount of the food and then sits on the potty and out it comes in all sorts of different shapes.

It actually sounds a rather revolting idea for a doll but kids seem to love stuff like this and things that involve the word poop, no idea why.
The food seems to stay in good reusable shape too and doesn’t seem to dry out much. It’s also mess free and can be reused over and over again.

Most toy stores are selling this Lalaloopsy set and it retails between Β£20 – Β£30.

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