Degustabox November 

Ho ho ho t’s nearly Christmas and my latest Degustabox contains a few festive themed treats.  

 We have this bag of Planters fruity chocolate crunch. It’s a big bag and a mixture of peanuts, cranberries and chocolate buttons which went down a treat.

Ooh and look what we have here! Lots of yummy treats. 

Cadbury picnic bites – just like the big bar version but smaller bite size chunks and just as delicious. 
Proper corn popcorn – perfectly sweet flavour and great with a movie.
Jellybean factory super sours – These really tickle the tastebuds. I’m not a huge fan of jelly beans but my kids are. 

Two drinks in this months box, one of them I could not wait to open and drink, the other I’m not so keen on. 

Dalston’s fizzy apple was just lovely. This one bottle is packed full of crushed apples. It’s sweet and so refreshing.
Alo – is an aloe Vera drink and I wasn’t so keen. 

A few cupboard staples in this box too – Ryvita & Flippo Berio, both snack products rye cakes and a savoury Italian biscuit type snack.
English provender caramelised onion chutney – I’ve not opened this yet. It will be opened Christmas Day with the turkey. 
Taylor’s of Harrogate single origin coffee – this is a really impressive find considering it costs  £4.49 which is over a third of the total box cost. 
Kallo – stock pots. Another one for Christmas Day and gravy. 

Oh and more tuna too – 
Rio Mare tuna in olive oil. It’s a nice strong flavoured tuna with big chunks. It does cost £3.00 per tin tho. 

 And finally one for the breakfast table – Weetabix Additions Apple and raisin. Traditional weetabix chunks with fruit. I gave some to a friend to try and she absolutely loved them. 
And wow all this for just £12.99 including delivery. It’s unbelievable value and my favourite snack subscription box too.
Get yours at 
Degustabox UK for an amazing discount price of just £5.99.

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