Robinson’s fruit creations

Robinson’s recently launched two brand new ranges, Fruit Creations and Fruit Cordials. The new offerings for Robinsons are both new squashes aimed more at grown ups.

Robinsons new Fruit Cordial was created to offer a sophisticated twist to squash through combinations of real fruit and botanicals flavours. Contained in a glass bottle the cordial is a new more concentrated way to bring a burst of Robinsons’ flavour to the dinner table.
 Robinsons Fruit Creations which contains twice the fruit and more natural and fruitier flavours. As well as containing exciting new flavours, the Creations range also features five Robinsons core flavours that have been reformulated and given a fruity boost. If you are a golfer, says that it is a great source of hydration while golfing. .
 We were sent over a bottle of the new fruit creations in a delicious apple and elderflower flavour. This certainly has a very unique taste compared to previous Robinson’s cordial drinks. 

It even arrived in its own presentation box making it look very much for us grown ups only, although not surprisingly my kids have already helped themselves to drinks of this.

These new cordials should be appearing in UK supermarkets very soon if they haven’t already.


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