Utopia 360 

The Utopia 360 from My Retrak is a virtual reality headset which works with most mobile phones,
The box contains everything we needed to get up and running. To use this device, all that’s required is a smart phone.

The 3 parts all slot together to make a useable VR headset. The main part, being the goggles has a slot for the helmet part and the earphones slot in at the back. There is a small remote too which required batteries.

 There are many similar items already out there which give similar virtual reality experiences. They all come with varying price tags, sometimes going into the hundreds for a better one. The Utopia 360 sells between £70-£85, so how does it compare to others out there?

I’ve had a try of both a PS4VR and the Occulus rift, but those are in a completely different league to this. If you’re wanting something similar then you need to pay a lot more for the same experience they give you. I’ve also tried a few similar type virtual reality sets in which a phone is required and this one certainly seems the best so far. 

 The goggles open up to reveal a chamber where the phone goes. It’s important to place the device in the correct place, aligned right in the middle otherwise the image will look distorted or I’ll see double. The phone stays in place well oncd aligned and the headset has a good adjustment strap for those with larger heads. A dial on the goggle part  adjusts the focus and zoom.

In order to watch or play anything in VR, I had to download apps. My retrak have a page full of suitable apps, many of them free. These apps can be a bit hit or miss. Some of them just won’t load, some crash half way and some are okay. Again this is never going to be as powerful as the PS4 even tho the headset does look slightly similar.

There’s a good few rollercoaster type apps and I also got an app where I was floating in space but could go to various zones and access hundreds more apps and games which was quite cool. I did this evil doctor type ride which was like a ghost train rollercoaster. I sat on my sofa and by the time it was over I was in a very strange contorted position. 
The  sound is okay. It’s always a good idea to turn off any background noise when using any type of VR headset to make it more real.
Some of the apps feel real whilst some don’t seem to be VR at all so it really is hit and miss when trying to find a good one.
The headset once adjusted feels comfortable enough on. I can’t work the remote out tho. It connects to the phone via Bluetooth and has various play buttons but it’s quite hard to use with goggles on and it doesn’t work with every app. 

It’s  not bad for a mid range headset. It certainly beats the standard cardboard type models and a few cheaper sets. I think it’s a good one for teens and big boys and those considering a more expensive model in the future. 

 VR headsets are not suitable for young children under 12 or those with epilepsy. It’s important to limit time spent using one of these headsets and to take regular breaks.

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