Hasbro: Olaf’s Frozen adventure

If you thought for a minute that the whole Frozen hype was slowly fading then you could not be more wrong. The new film in the Frozen franchise named – Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is due to hit cinema screens later this week. This means young fans of Elsa, Anna and Olaf will no doubt be wanting everything Frozen again this Christmas.

It’s not surprise that the new toys are already here for this movie. A collection of dolls and other items featuring the movie characters with slightly new features.

Here is our snacking talking Olaf. He eats the supplied snacks which include yummy cakes and treats, plus he says a few phrases and talks whilst being fed. Because Olaf is a snowman it means his snacks just slide out of him. This Olaf is a bit bigger than the previous solid Olaf figures that are usually really small.
No Frozen movie would be right without a certain princess and that princess is of course Elsa. We have two Elsa dolls from Hasbro’s new Frozen collection.

This Elsa is dressed in a stunning long dress and fur lined cape. Her dress has snowflakes on it which light up and glow as she sings the well known theme tune – let it go. This doll also looks very much like the movie character.

And to make Elsa even more special, a doll that turns into a melody maker. The Play a Melody gown Elsa.

Her long blue dress is designed like a mini keyboard with hidden notes across it. The snowflakes light up and transform into musical keys to play Let it Go. There are three modes of play including an easy guided mode and free play to play own tunes and melody’s. Izebella says this one is her favourite doll out of her new dolls set.

This seems to also be the most expensive out of the three, costing upwards of £34.00. Olaf and the other Elsa doll figures starting at £21.00 upwards.
So this Christmas be prepared for more Frozen wants and buys.

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