Gifts for girls: My little Baby Born walks

Continuing with my “Gifts for Girls” features today I have the new “Baby Annabell learns to walk”

If there is one gift that can be guaranteed to be on a young girls wish list at some point, then it has to be a Baby Born doll. This is the sort of doll that I would have wanted when younger and having two girls myself means I am very familiar with the Baby Born range.
This little darling comes dressed in a gorgeous pink dress and matching hat. There is a while boutique of Baby Born clothes that can be purchase separately. She looks like a small baby with realistic features.
Baby Born walk doll does just that, she walks just like a baby would. She is sound activated and comes with a rattle. When she hears the rattle or another sound such as a hand clap, she will walk.
Her walking function works best on solid flat floors such as wooden or vinyl etc, she isn’t too great on thick carpet so we tend to use her in the dining room.
She also cries and babbles too which adds to the dolls realistic baby features even more. Izebella loves the new doll and enjoys trying to get her to walk by clapping, shouting and rattling the rattle.
I think this Baby Born doll is very reasonably priced compared to previous Baby Born dolls. It can be purchased for less than Β£30.00 at many toy stores and is suitable for little people aged 2 and over.

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