Gifts for Girls: Aquabeads

Aquabeads make an excellent stocking filler for Christmas. Most girls like crafting and making things and it’s even better when it’s all about well known characters such as Disney.

Aquabeads sets come in all sizes and themes and involve placing tiny coloured beads onto clear trays over stencils. The beads contain a special coating which enables them to stick firmly together once water is applied. The sets come with enough beads to make all of the templates and refill bead packs can be purchased later.
Our Finding Dory Aquabead set enabled the making of Dory, Nemo and the octopus which I have no idea of its name. This was the first time that Izebella took it upon herself to make her own aquabead design alone and with zero help from any of us and she has not long turned five.

I was quite surprised at just how fast she did it with zero mistakes or frustration. It usually takes me much longer when I try and that’s with beads constantly popping out of place which is extremely annoying.
The Finding Dory set costs approximately Β£15 and comes with 3 template sheets, bead palette, design table, bead pen, water sprayer and hundreds of coloured beads.

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