Gifts for teens: wall racer

So teens are probably the hardest people to buy for and most definitely the teenage boy; mine being no exception. I thought it may be a good idea to list a few gifts that many teens (and boys in particular) may just be happy with.
I’m beginning with one from one of my favourite gift store – Hawkins Bazaar.

This is the wall racer and a gift that I expect to be popular with most males, whether young or old. Of course it’s a car, of some sort and so instantly a big hit with the men. There will of course be a few females who like this sort of thing too. I didn’t want to seem one sided by saying it’s just for the lads.

It actually looks more like some sort of space craft or a car of the distant future than an everyday car. And it’s no normal RC car either as this beauty literally climbs the walls. Yes it’s fast and rapid and glides the walls and moves along the ceilings. How? I have no idea, tho I can only assume it’s all to do with some sort of gravity technology.

Well I guess it’s not classed as the “gravity defying car” for nothing. Oh it moves along the floor too, just like any other RC car would, but you’d find it hard to find a similar priced vehicle that moves like this one. It has some sort of powerful suction that enables it to stick to walls and ceilings whilst still being able to move at speed. I’m baffled by it, we all are. However I put down strict rules whilst playing with this. No playing in newly decorated rooms, it may wreck the wallpaper (untested), no playing whilst pets are about and careful around Izebella and younger children in the house as it’s so fast.
With this space style car, you do get a choice of red or blue. You need 6 AA batteries to power it. The stronger batteries are highly recommended here. For Β£15 I don’t think anyone can grumble when you take into account what this can do and how much normal RC vehicles can cost. It’s a small car but comes with so much power.

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