Gifts for teens: Marvin’s Magic

If there’s one present I can guarantee my teenage son will like then it would be either a science kit or a magic set. He seems to love magic, his favourite magician being David Blaine.
Magic sets can be bought in most good toy stores but I often find that the selection is quite limited. Usually a choice of 3 sets, sometimes even less so very little variety. Head over to Marvin’s Magic and it’s a whole different story, a magicians paradise.
Marvin’s Magic have magic sets and kits for everyone young and old. From total beginners to hard core magicians they have sets to suit everyone to aid mastering the tricks and secrets of magic and performance.

This is just one of many sets, and out latest magic set. We have had a few of Marvin’s Magic sets and tins previously. This particular set contains all the bits and pieces to perform a massive 225 tricks; yup I had to read that twice myself – 225 tricks!

There is all sorts of stuff in this one box. A fair few different card packs for varying card type tricks, cups, balls, a few strange looking gadgets and of course the much needed magicians wand.
This is one of Marvin’s deluxe edition boxes meaning it contains more tricks than most.

Now being magic, it means I can’t reveal how any of the tricks are done. To be honest I actually have no idea as it’s not me who performs them either.
This is a set which beginners can use to get the hang of the more basic tricks. The recommended age guide on the box being age 6 to 106 so pretty much suitable for anyone.
There are a few small parts and loose bits with this one which is probably one of the reasons it’s given the minimum 6 year age. I do find this one of the downsides with sets such as this as it does mean certain parts could and usually do end up lost. And as it’s a big set we do have to keep the box really.
This particular set costs between £15-£20. If this isn’t your thing or a little too easy then browse Marvin’s Magic as your sure to find a set that suits both ability and budget.

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