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I’m often panicking last minute having misplaced my keys or worse still my purse just before going out. I also put my phone down in random places too but can usually locate it by ringing on the house phone, that is, so long as it’s not on silent.
There are a fair few “locate it” gadgets available and I was recently sent one of these to try out.

This is the Tile slim from Tile Inc. It costs Β£30 and works via Bluetooth and an app. The tile itself is really small and slim, meaning it easily fits into even the smallest of purses.
The app is free and very fast to download. It’s compatible with most devices, be it iOS or Android.

Bluetooth needs to be enabled but the device is connected by a simple button push which then plays a tune.
This device can be kept anywhere be it purse, keys, toys. The device can be located by the app and it even gives a precise street location. To find a lost phone, it works the opposite way. The button on the device gets pressed and the phone will ring. The tile app will always show the last place and time that the tile device was located.
As the tile is incredibly slim and small, it did make me wonder where the battery was and how it would need changing. Well there in the small print of the instructions it informs me that tile has a non replaceable battery that should last at least a year and then I have the option to buy a new discounted device.
The Tile Slim is not the only device sold by Tile inc. They have other designs that do similar jobs, including the new Pro series featuring a tile sport and style designs.
Now there’s no need to lose your phone Xmas morning under the mountain of wrapping paper.

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